1. No verbal attacks/personal insults

  2. No slander/impersonation of tribes or persons

  3. Player, tribe, and dino names must remain respectful. Failure to do so will cause an admin rename and warning. Dinos with racist or phobic names will be deleted.

  4. Back talking admin is not tolerated. If you disagree stay respectful.

  5. No use of exploits or glitches. If you are caught you might face immediate ban

  6. No kiting/dropping dinos into players bases

  7. No buildings that block artifact caves or with-in the pulse effect of the artifacts.

  8. No Picking up tamed dinos and hiding them/spreading them across the map. Includes setting your own creatures on aggressive out in the open.

  9. No killing dinos knocked out for tame. This includes kiting wilds into tames in progress.

  10. Taming pens MUST BE CLEANED UP AFTER USE unless it is one of your outposts!

  11. NO POSING AS ADMIN or taking it upon yourself to enforce these rules.

  12. Do not intentionally work around the rules/work over the system.

  13. Do not falsely report players for rule breaking, this will earn you a strike.​




→ Base Limit per tribe:  2 per map
→ Outposts per tribe:  2 per map

     *Outpost examples:

     -mining 4x4
     -any ocean platform

     -tree platforms only with sap collector

     -taming pen if not next to base

     -fishing shacks/dock if not next to base

     -oil rigs ONLY if rig is LOCKED

  Any tribes found to be over these limits face admin intervention.

  1. No Blocking / Claiming Important Game Resources (see below)
      • Mountain tops with rich metal deposits, obelisks, inside island's volcano crater, artifact caves, and beach spawns are off limits.

  2. Foundation/pillar spam is not allowed.

  3. DO NOT "LAND GRAB" claiming large areas that are empty can earn you a warning.
     • Be aware of how much land you claim based on how much you'll use and need. It helps to start smaller and expand as needed.
      • If you have gated in land it should not be empty!

  4.  Do NOT build within 20 foundations of another tribe without asking permission.


- Admins are not permitted to raid, or PVP
- Admins are not permitted to instigate PVP, or share raid intel.
- Admins may not directly interfere with a raid in progress unless it breaks server rules.
- Admins are not permitted to spawn in items or tames for players

Bunn3h will only do this for prize rewards, events, or donator perks. Admin logging is *ON* and will be announced what is happening and why.

Personal tames should never be stored at the community buildings. Dinos unclaimed more than 2 days risk being deleted.

Do not build at or near the community building.

Community Buildings or known as "CB":
   - Located on each map.
   - Houses Treasure Store for spending bucks
   - Industrial Grinder, public teleporter, and transmitter