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Season 12 at a Glace

It is time and season 12 is upon us! With the new season comes the biggest updates ever!

In this post we will expose some of the new goodies you can immerse yourself in.

Engram Changes

New engrams have been added into the game. As well as a few old engrams removed and condensed into a new crafting station

-Extras Crafter (craft all below bulleted Extras Items on)

  • Castle Building Set, *14 new pieces, metal tier

  • Incubation Nest, Incubate eggs

  • Dye Mixer, make paint

  • Kibble Cooker, make kibble

  • Throne, sit fancy

  • Personal Vault, Small vault

  • Primitive CryoFridge, Charge cryopods with sparkpowder

  • Primitive Dedicated Storage, store stuff in a fancy wooden box

-Reward Crate (craft all special rewards on)

Craft prizes and donator rewards with our new reward ticket system, easy delivery in game by player typing a /claim command -Treasure Store (spend your bucks)

You can now build your own treasure stores! We kept convenience in mind you no longer have to rush around to spend your bucks

-DNA Station (craft all special dino variants)

Craft Aberrant, X + R Dinos, and Tek Dinos level 55-150

REMOVED ENGRAMS (these are now found on Extras Crafter)

  • Personal Vault

  • Primitive CryoFridge

  • Primitive Dedicated Storage


New Items

Hundreds of new items have been added into the game.

-Headphones Skin

-Store Craft Items (items that summon in dinos, skins, dances, haircuts, over 250+ new)

New Currency

-Activity Coins (Currency earned by participating in discord, logging in or selling weekly items to the digital store in-game, spent on bismuth or purchasing dinos)

-Bismuth (Repurposed used now in DNA splicing on the DNA Station, earned by purchase 1 Bismuth costs 1,500 Activity Coins)

-Reward Ticket (Earned by donating, winning hosted events, and pvp challenges. Spend these on the Reward crate for loot, skins, emotes, hairs, wings, bonus resources)

New Systems

A bunch of new craft stations, building tiers and decorations give you plenty to do. We also will be bringing back a taste of Player Vrs Player. A single PVP Purge weekend at the end of each month that will be rolling back to undo ALL damage from the weekend pvp. <-this is to experience pvp goals and prizes without getting wiped for good Sign up pvp and pve events where items are supplied will also be hosted on the event map.

• 1 weekend of open pvp each month "Purge Weekend"

• The purge weekend rolls back to a restore point

• No raid wipe or real loss of your bases or dinos

• Separate non-purge events to sign up for More custom dinos and skins will release throughout the season, as well as the wiki and revamped donator reward ticket page...


SEASON 12 LAUNCH DAY Wednesday 23rd at 6:45 pm EST

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